How should office furniture be placed perfectly?

A comfortable office needs a perfect classic office furniture. How to arrange the office furniture in the office is the most perfect one? Then you should have a look with our editor of Guangzhou office furniture! The unsatisfactory placement of office furniture will affect the mood of going to work. Many companies have relatively small office space, but the office furniture is fully placed. companies suggest that when the space is relatively small, it is not advisable to buy too large pieces of office furniture, and leave room for it. There are two situations for the placement of office desks and screens. One is that the office is located in the middle of the office building, and the other is the office that is located in the basement of the business building. This office has no windows, but is placed in the office without windows , the main consideration is the relationship between two people. One is the relationship between the office desk, the screen card slot and the door. Two points should be paid attention to. One should be careful not to put the office desk and the screen card slot facing the door. Pay attention to the people sitting at the office desk, and the people behind the screen must have a wall-like support, and there should be no extra emptiness. Avoid placing the office desk and the screen card position facing the door, mainly to prevent the leader from being disturbed by noise from outside the door and being peeped by others when working, and to avoid the office desk and the screen card having extra space behind the card position. The emptiness is mainly to reduce the emptiness and unreliable feeling behind the office furniture and increase the reliability of the business people who sit at the office desk and handle the business with the screen card. For the placement of office furniture, there should be a relatively wide space in front of the office desk and the screen card position. According to Feng Shui, it is a lively area, which can make people broad-minded. At the same time, the office desk, the screen card position is far away from the door, and the door is located at the oblique corner of the left front of the office furniture, or to prevent others from peeping directly from the door and noise from outside the door. The back of the office desk and the screen card is a solid wall, because the wall gives people a sense of solidity like a mountain, and it also makes the office desk and the screen card have some support. In the second case, the writing room should be in a house with a window, and the window should be used as the writing room. The environment outside the window should be checked first. When the window is required to be used as a writing room, the window should first be checked for aisles. If there is an aisle, it is best to give up another choice, because people coming and going on the aisle, footsteps, laughter, will affect the working mood of the people who deal with official duties. Moreover, they are often peeped from outside the window by others. The ideal position of the writing desk After observing the environment outside the window, the most ideal plan for setting up a writing desk indoors is: behind the desk is a solid wall, the left side is the window, through the window is a beautiful natural scenery, which constitutes a beautiful scenery , Good lighting, ventilated suitable working environment. Working in such an environment is absolutely creative, enthusiastic and efficient. The door opens on the right corner of the front of the desk, and it is not easy to be disturbed by noise outside the door and peeping from others. If the door of the writing room is opened in the left corner, the writing desk can be adjusted accordingly, the effect is just as good, and it is not affected by the so-called auspicious signs of the zodiac. After learning and understanding how to arrange our office furniture is the most perfect related knowledge with our editor of Guangzhou office furniture, will it be of great help to the selection and placement of office furniture in the future?
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