How to arrange office furniture more suitable?

When a company buys office furniture, it often disturbs the boss and the leaders of relevant departments because of the layout and layout. I have racked my brains to think about how to better arrange office furniture in my office space to promote a better working atmosphere for employees. The team is more active. In fact, there are three main rules for arranging office furniture: the size is consistent, the height is connected, and the technology is suitable. As long as you achieve these three points, your office space layout will be no worse than others. 1. Arranged by region, a most basic enterprise often has many different departments, which can be divided by different departments, or it is reasonable to divide the office furniture area. For example, the office furniture area can be divided into: office area, Meeting area, leisure area, these three key elements. How to arrange the office area? There must be sufficient light and noise control as much as possible; meeting area: generally choose to leave a certain amount of space for the meeting room in the free area of u200bu200bthe entrance, as long as there is room for activities in the aisle. ; Recreation area: It will be selected in a corner of the office area, so that the layout will not affect the people in the office first, and let people relax and talk. 2 Color matching layout The color of the office layout must be coordinated with the wall layout, and a layout effect of the decoration must be taken into account, so to make it produce the greatest space utilization value, expand the sense of space and spaciousness, what we have to do is Choose the wall color that is different from the furniture, but ensure that the two are in harmony with each other, and then you can use office furniture as a background and choose some decorative objects for embellishment. The above is today's Guangzhou Furniture Editor's summary for you how to arrange classic office furniture more suitable? In fact, there are many factors that need to be considered in the actual layout of classic office furniture. Also want to know more related knowledge, please pay attention to classic office furniture.

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