How to build a comfortable bedroom? You need a meaning type furniture bed

Nearly a third of one's life time is spent in morpheus, the bedroom layout is reasonable, is directly related to the user's sleep effect and physical and mental health. The bedroom is people after a day of nervous work place to rest, and change clothes, storage and seek the starting point of a new day, so what Italian classic bedroom furniture need to conform to requirements? ( 1) Is simple and practical, quiet and comfortable is supposed to be the first principle, also accord with the requirement of friendly, security and privacy. ( 2) Usually, the furniture is a center with the bed, bed high screen is a visual center; Combined with the user's personal habits and hobby to decide on furniture and indoor style. ( 3) According to the principle of human body engineering, in bed, wardrobe and other furniture formed between reasonable activity space. ( 4) According to the size of the bedroom area and the general life of items needed to determine the number of required furniture and specifications, for large volume of furniture, such as bed and chest, remove the structure should be adopted. ( 5) Color should be as simple as possible and elegant. Try to avoid polishing or reflective material, may affect sleep. ( 6) Use natural or environmental protection material as far as possible, avoid during sleep to absorb excessive harmful substances. more or less related to room area and many other factors, but can be divided into constitute the main body of the classic bedroom furniture and ancillary furniture. Main furniture including bed, bedside table, and chest. Auxiliary furniture including small chest ( Or barrel ark) End of the bed, dresser, cosmetic mirror, stool, or the end of the bed ark, hangers, recreational chair, deck chair, Or large chair) , flower, etc. Within the environment elegant, relaxed and comfortable bedroom, people get to relax the body and mind. Choose a good bed, also directly related to people's sleep and health effect. Italian furniture has always been to its, elegant style is loved by many consumers, not too much rendering, can light up the whole bedroom. This is the charm of Italian furniture. Give oneself buy a set of yong state meaning type furniture bed! ! ! !
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