How to build perfect Italian household environment? From these two points

Italy is a country full of amorous feelings of art and literature, wandering in the country, always inadvertently affected by the country furniture style. Combined with Italy and China over the years the exchanges between the two countries is more and more close and frequent, so that many brands in the domestic market of Italian furniture also had the love of consumers. How will this kind of style to the limit? It's a way to test our ability to match. According to the personage inside course of study introduces, Italian furniture is luxuriant fabrics and elegant decoration, let consumers to see the characteristics of the collocation of Italian furniture with the style. Color matching technology in type furniture, high-grade adornment USES white and light color for background, mostly for some luxury goods can choose appropriate dark, collocation, must be unified style, Italian furniture configuration advised to choose a texture silky fabric cloth. Decoration skills though furniture itself has very decorative, but the decoration is also essential. Decoration of choice has to be reckoned with, lamps and lanterns, for example, should be easy to avoid wear and tear of material, such as steel or crystal, try to choose the lines and beautiful, the lamps and lanterns of the light is downy, some modelling simple style also is very good choice. Although there are a lot of Italian furniture on the market at present, the exterior style is roughly same, but the use of materials and production process is very different. So need to pay attention to when the choose and buy, the first thing to check the seams of the furniture. In addition, choose well-known brands and quality assurance methods. In general, the high-end Italian furniture brand stand the test of time, like yong state meaning type furniture, has long been a favorite, form the unique style of furniture, is to buy Italian furniture's first choice.
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