How to calculate the order price of office furniture

Many companies will directly provide classic office furniture when ordering branded classic office furniture, which can ensure a relatively good presentation effect and also ensure that the good styles are uniform. Moreover, directly shopping for office furniture in large quantities can actually save us a lot of costs, especially for some large companies. The more we wholesale, the more favorable prices are. But after all, the number of products we bought at one time is very large, so how is the price calculated?   is calculated according to the cost of the set.   In most cases, the price of classic office furniture is calculated according to the cost of the set. For example, if we need a set of office desks and chairs, then we can calculate it directly according to the cost of the set, which can be more guaranteed. You can come to negotiate with the manufacturer in advance, so that you can know the specific package cost, and then confirm the quantity to ensure that we get the preferential price.   Calculation of other office furniture expenses. In addition to the furniture for the office furniture, we will definitely have some other furniture, and this kind of furniture needs to be calculated separately in terms of price, so we must pay special attention to the specific needs, and then let the manufacturer give Some of our corresponding quotations, so that we can know how the specific prices are calculated, and can be more assured.
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