How to check whether the air pressure rod has an explosion risk for office furniture and office chairs?

Recently, I saw a video of an office air chair exploding while watching today’s headlines. The video tells the experiment based on chairs of different qualities. The chairs are placed in different positions and arranged in a row. Sandbags are used to compare the phenomenon of people sitting down from a height. They are dropped from the second floor and observe several chairs. What's the difference? Will there really be an explosion of air pressure office chairs? Experimental chairs are divided into: second-hand market, three no products and regular products. The results of the experiment: the regular product was only broken open, and the air pressure rod was intact; the second-hand market was exploded; the Sanwu product not only exploded but also burned. The cause of this phenomenon is the aging, cracking of the product and a factor of nitrogen. Because the pneumatic rod generally uses nitrogen, nitrogen is an inert gas, which plays a role of lubrication. Most ?? classic office furniture ?? businesses in order to save costs Generally, air is used instead of nitrogen. Promote the occurrence of serious accidents. So how should consumers check whether the air pressure rod has an explosion risk when buying office furniture and office chairs? The editor of Guangzhou Factory tells you: 1. Look at the manufacturer's stamp, the national certification is a qualified product, 2. Hit the steel foot with an iron rod, the crisp sound represents the steel air pressure rod, and the muffled sound represents the electroplating manufacturing, 3. Sit up Pull the lifting function, the lifting is smooth. It is proved that it is nitrogen. Nitrogen plays the role of lubrication. If it is air lifting, it will be uneven and jamming. 4. The price of a regular pneumatic chair is higher (recommended to be replaced after use for more than 3 years) , Informal air pressure chairs are cheap.

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