How to choose office furniture?

How to choose classic office furniture? Identify cutting corners. For example, some office design furniture uses medium-density slats and particle slats as load-bearing parts. In some classic office furniture, the back of the full-length mirror does not need to be fixed with a baffle or bead, and only nails are used as a supporting pin, which is very weak. Most of these things should be checked carefully.  Check the dryness of the wood in the office design furniture through the feel. To distinguish the moisture content of wood. It should be known that the wood has not been dried or is not dried as a whole. The moisture content of the board of a set of office design furniture is different, and the office design furniture is most likely to be deformed and out of shape.   The fineness of workmanship is the key factor that distinguishes the pros and cons of office design furniture. For example, when buying a sofa or a mattress, first observe whether the quality of the props in the appearance store is pleasant; secondly, check the degree of straight bending of the dental floss on the outer edge of the cloth, and whether there is a jumper phenomenon.   Again, take a look at the coverings used in the classic office furniture to see if old fabrics and dirty leather are used. The general mall prop brand manufacturers have a zipper on the side of the mattress. It is best to carefully check the filling and the fine workmanship inside.
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