How to choose the front desk of an office furniture factory?

The front desk is a place where the scale of the corporate image and corporate culture are displayed. The first impression of customers and partners is from the front desk. Whether a company will bring unexpected good luck depends on whether its reception desk is graceful enough and conforms to the company's temperament. Nowadays, there are many styles of reception at the front desk of Guangzhou office furniture factory, and there is no way to start at the moment. The editor of Guangzhou office furniture factory will guide you what should you pay attention to when purchasing? 1. The choice of styles People who have experience in company decoration will probably have such an experience: Seeing a favorite front desk in the exhibition hall, but moving back to the company will find that there is weird, not as good-looking as expected. Why? What? First, it may not conform to the company's logo wall, decoration style, or corporate nature. So before buying, you should have a global perspective, imagine the actual effect of the office, and ensure that the overall style is coordinated. One of the simplest techniques is a color conflict that does not match the home decor. Secondly, it is not only beautiful, but also a fully functional front desk with a large table space for easy file sensing; the table line and table cable management system should be sound, able to support the smooth operation of electronic equipment, and will not affect the appearance. Finally, don't lose your personality because of luxury. Only by avoiding monotony can you be impressed with the company's first impression. 2. The choice of materials and decoration will give customers a feeling: strength, professionalism, scale, and the use of materials are the biggest factors. Therefore, Guangzhou Factory suggests that transparent or translucent glass materials should be avoided, because it is too transparent and will give Human feelings are unreliable; avoid heavy non-ferrous metal materials due to their heavy colors and rigid lines, which will give people a sense of alienation and tourists. Nowadays, popular materials include stone, aluminum plate, stainless steel, wood lacquer, etc. However, in recent years, the front of the plate has gradually risen, and it has been favored by many owners for its diverse texture, changeable color, flexible style and super high cost performance. Third, the choice of Feng Shui The design of the office in Feng Shui water area is also a gas gathering place, which is a very important location. According to the owner's numerology, positioning and overall layout design, the geographical environment and industry, when guests enter the lobby, there is an indescribable sense of intimacy, this layout is successful. Improper layout is not conducive to development, but will lead to bankruptcy and bankruptcy. At the same time, the front door must be the front desk, and more importantly, the owner who cannot line up five grams of the door, and the Fengshui layout of ceilings, floors, walls, beams, columns and the external environment should be appropriate and the best prospects for Fengshui layout. . The layout is reasonable, business is prosperous, and financial resources are abundant. The above is the content shared by the editor of the classic office furniture factory. I wonder if it will help you in your future choices.

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