How to choose the right office furniture?

has practical value and can also convey corporate culture and corporate values. Not all companies are well aware of how to choose office furniture. Here, the editor of Guangzhou Factory summarizes 5 points for you when buying office furniture. 1. Combine corporate taste and simple office furniture. Enterprises have their own industrial characteristics, combined with simple office furniture, to create their own unique office furniture environment, concepts and models.  Second, the environmental protection, health and reasonableness of office furniture  Unhealthy office furniture and furniture with various colors will cause people's physiology and psychology to lose balance, resulting in a sense of oppression, depression and boredom, thereby affecting human health and corporate image.   Offices with denser tones choose dark office furniture, which will create a heavy and dark atmosphere. If the color of office furniture is too strong, it will not look good, and it will be easy to get tired. On the contrary, a bright and spacious space, with simple and pleasant color furniture, will make people feel enjoyable, comfortable, easier to get along with others, work efficiency is higher, and the atmosphere is harmonious.   In addition, different functional areas have different office furniture, and the styles and colors of the office furniture are different. Generally, the manager’s room is divided into a plate-type manager desk and a solid wood boss desk. The colors are warm, cold, light, and deep, with different color effects. Desks and staff desks are also different by industry and function.  3. needs to be coordinated with the floor material.    Tile or marble floor, then choosing steel and wood furniture will increase the indoor cold atmosphere. Guangzhou office furniture manufacturers recommend that you choose wood furniture and place carpets in some areas. Such as solid wood conference table, board type executive desk and so on.  4. The size, quality and function of the furniture    A wide office space should choose large-size furniture, while choosing large-size furniture for a small space will make the space appear congested. The minimum aisle is 800mm, the staff desk screen height is 1200mm, the high partition screen is 1600mm~1800mm, the front desk has a double-layer inner height 700mm, outer height 750~1500mm, desk 750mm height, conference table, negotiation table 750mm height, coffee table The height is 450mm, and the height of the file cabinet is 1800mm~2000mm.  5. Specific classic office furniture considerations    screen: color, model, specification, style, material (semi-glass, full cloth, steel plate, melamine fireproof board, melamine fireproof board). The glass has white, frosted, striped glass interval size, single layer, double layer, glass height, socket hole (punch position). Table, table, cabinet: color, specification, side table (divided into left and right, independent standing table), hanging side table, movable cabinet, several drawers and several doors. The sealing shapes include straight sealing, duckbill sealing, inverted duckbill sealing and triangle sealing. The edge banding color has the same color edge and different color edge. The materials are melamine fireproof board, melamine fireproof board, paint, veneer and paper.  The handle has styles, materials, metal plastics, and position dimensions.   Office chair: color, specification (high and low back), fabric (cowhide, xipi, flax, linen, mesh). The feet are made of wood and steel, and the styles are: bow-shaped, four-legged, five-star feet (mechanical functions include pneumatic lifting, reclining, swinging, and locking functions). Handrails are: leather, wood, steel materials and different styles and sizes.
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