How to deal with the aging and fading of office furniture?

by:Senbetter     2021-05-16
If the office furniture is used for a long time, it may show aging and fading. How can we avoid the effects of aging and fading? The following office furniture manufacturers will share with us its maintenance and protection methods.   The hot sun and high temperature and humidity in summer not only bring discomfort to the human body, but also affect the service life of office furniture. Hot weather can damage office furniture made of different materials, causing classic office furniture to fade, peel, and even swell and deform. We should take care of office furniture carefully, avoid direct sunlight, and stay away from heat sources and air conditioning outlets. Avoid this cold shrinkage and cause the classic office furniture to deform!    Wooden office furniture: In the north, the moisture content of wood used in office furniture is between 8% and 12%, and the moisture content of particleboard and MDF is between 4% and 13 %between. If the environment is too humid or too dry for a long time, it will have an adverse effect on office furniture.   Wooden furniture will swell and deform after being damp, and will form a loose structure after shrinking. The paint film on the exterior of wooden office furniture will turn yellow and fade under the sun, which will accelerate the aging and cracking of the paint. Therefore, wooden office furniture is best not to be placed on the balcony. It should be kept away from direct sunlight and away from the air-conditioning outlet. In hot and humid climates, the air-conditioning should be turned on to cool and dehumidify the room. Apply a layer of wax to the drawers, sliding door edges and bottom slides to avoid difficulty in opening and closing due to swelling. Putting some sanitary balls in a relatively humid place can effectively prevent insects from biting.  Fabric sofa: Intense sunlight simply causes the sofa to fade and accelerate the aging of fabric office furniture. Fabric sofas are best placed to avoid the sun! In fact, every kind of office furniture needs our careful protection to extend the life span and save costs. Especially in summer, we must pay attention to the maintenance of office furniture, so as to extend the service life of the furniture.
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