How to design office furniture?

Kerida's three-step approach to classic office furniture design-function, ergonomics, and aesthetics. Function: Kerida puts function in the first place. The function of a piece of office furniture is very important. It means that the design of office furniture must first meet the functional requirements. A product with a single function must be able to reflect itself. The value of existence. If it is a chair, it must be able to prevent your hips from touching the ground. Can a chair that is extremely uncomfortable be called a high-quality chair? the answer is negative. Multifunctional classic office furniture can reflect the needs of one thing with multiple uses, and practicality is the criterion for measuring functions. Ergonomics: with certain functions must also meet the requirements of ergonomics. The length and width dimensions must meet the standards. The shape, line, softness and hardness of the office furniture should be comforted. If according to the height and size of the target market, Weight, making different designs closer to the actual needs of office furniture products more perfect, comfort is a measure of human engineering principles. Aesthetics: In the current handcrafted shops, the beauty of office furniture is an important factor that distinguishes skilled workers from bosses. After a period of hard work, skilled workers can understand how to accomplish the three goals mentioned earlier. They already know how to make office furniture what it should do, making it comfortable and durable. However, the boss only knows how to complete an exquisite boutique. As an office furniture manufacturer in Beijing, I defined a beautiful office furniture design (masterpiece): not only practical, comfortable, and durable, but also must be a heritage of history and culture. Imagine you are now entering a museum. When you find a vase from the Ming Dynasty, you will be attracted by its beautiful appearance, and you can't help but observe it. First, you should look at the vase close to it and read all the information about it. Then you will approach the vase and look at its details, capture the highlights and appreciate its production. This vase was made centuries before you were born. It is very culturally different from you. However, this vase shows you a lot, and the observer can come into contact with the vase through time and space. This is a masterpiece, with good functionality and ergonomic requirements, we need to pay attention to beauty. In different periods, in different regions, and different consumer groups have different aesthetic characteristics and aesthetic levels of office furniture. Especially in today’s fierce market competition, office furniture has novel, elegant, fashionable, and individual designs, which are all concentrated in the products. The shape does not reflect the aesthetics, the sense of the times, and the design style, that is to say, there is a good function and ergonomic furniture, if the style is ugly, unbalanced, and unsuccessful work. Modeling is the yardstick of aesthetics.

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