How to distinguish inferior office furniture?

There are many types of classic office furniture on the market today, so for many users who don’t know how to buy office furniture, it’s easy to buy inferior office furniture, so today I will tell you how to distinguish inferior quality office furniture. Let’s take a look at the small methods of office furniture. The material trap is difficult to distinguish: when consumers buy office furniture, they are puzzled that there is no obvious difference in appearance and style of office furniture, but why the price is so different? Actually in office furniture There is a big difference in the production materials. Some office furniture manufacturers have many pitfalls in the production of office furniture, which require careful discrimination to see through.  Using low-quality substrates: Use non-dried and insect-eaten substrates. This kind of office furniture has a high moisture content, which can easily cause deformation or cracking of the finished office furniture. made of wood that is rotten or moth-eaten may cause office furniture to collapse. Mixed assembly of base materials: Because wood-based classic office furniture mostly adopts the method of veneer decoration on the outside of the base material, although the appearance of all parts of the office furniture cabinet is the same, some of the base materials in the office furniture have been moved by the office furniture manufacturer. Hand-footed. For example, the front body of some filing cabinets and the filing cabinet doors use melamine boards that meet environmental protection and quality requirements, while the back panels of the cabinets use large core boards that emit more formaldehyde.  Internal production cut corners: Since the wood-based panels used in panel office furniture are all made of adhesives and are very sensitive to water, their waterproof performance must be guaranteed by the veneer and edge sealing of the panels. However, in order to save costs, some office furniture manufacturers do not seal the joints between the internal boards and boards of office furniture. On the one hand, the office furniture is broken when exposed to water, and the formaldehyde in the materials cannot be fully blocked. weight.  The hardware was replaced: cheap hardware was replaced and cut corners in the installation of office furniture. For example, the cabinet mirror of a filing cabinet has no back panel or bead, and only uses nails to position it. This kind of cutting corners can easily cause the cabinet mirror to break.
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