How to identify solid wood office desks and chairs

Now the solid wood office desks and chairs on the market are divided into two categories: pure solid wood office desks and chairs and solid wood veneer tables and chairs. As people's aesthetic changes, solid wood office desks and chairs are becoming more and more popular. But people don't know much about solid wood office desks and chairs. This makes it easy to be deceived when buying. Today office furniture teaches you how to distinguish solid wood office desks and chairs from laminated office desks and chairs. Pure solid wood classic office furniture means that all materials used are solid wood, including the desktop, door panels, side panels, etc., are made of solid wood, and no other wood-based panels are used. Veneer office desks and chairs look the same as solid wood desks and chairs in appearance. The wood texture is clear and natural, and looks very much like solid wood office desks and chairs in appearance, but the desktop, side panels, shelves and other visible parts can be seen Use thin wood veneer to paste particleboard or medium-density fiberboard. Scab location: The scar location of classic office furniture can determine whether it is a solid wood board. If there are scars on the side of the board and the corresponding position on the other side, it is solid wood office furniture. Wood grain road: We can judge whether it is a real solid wood desk and chair by whether the wood grain on both sides of a solid wood office chair panel or cabinet door panel is the same and whether they correspond. If the wood grain does not correspond, the chance of sticking veneer is higher. Color difference: When solid wood office chairs are made, they are rarely made of a large piece of wood, so there will be a slight difference in the color. The color of the veneer office chairs is exactly the same. Everyone is buying Observe carefully. Ask the manufacturer to show the product test report and office furniture manual when you buy. The regular business will show the relevant material description of these office furniture, and will also tell you clearly whether it is solid wood office furniture or veneer classic office furniture, so when buying office furniture At that time, you still have to go to a regular merchant to buy, so you won’t be deceived.

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