How to identify the authenticity of leather office furniture

Nowadays, the high-end classic office furniture products in the classic office furniture category are non-precious wood solid wood office furniture. The next higher-end is the leather office furniture that is often used in leadership offices. However, there is a mixed market, and it is not a big problem to buy expensive. Lose more money. Buying fakes will not only affect the use but also affect the company's image. So how can we distinguish between genuine leather and imitation leather office furniture? Today, the editor teaches you how to distinguish the authenticity of leather, so that corporate buyers can purchase satisfactory leather office furniture. 1. From the smell to distinguish the general leather office furniture often has a fishy smell of animals, this smell is relatively lighter, and can not eliminate this smell fundamentally, can only continue to reduce. If you get close and smell it hard, you can still ask. The fake leather will have a more pungent smell, and even some inferior leather can smell that pungent smell from a long distance. 2. Press to distinguish. When purchasing leather office furniture, you can try to press with your fingers, and then see if there are fine lines spreading out where the pressure is depressed. If there is, then it is real leather. If not, instead There is a little sign of cracking, or no change at all, then it is fake leather. 3. Check for pores. Any kind of leather will have fine pores on its surface, especially cowhide pores are fine and dense, and they are arranged irregularly, so when distinguishing fake leather, you can check whether there are any. The pores are indistinguishable. Of course there will be some artificial pores, but these pores often have a certain regularity, which is completely different from natural pores. In addition, under the friendly reminder, not all leathers can be copied to verify the authenticity, because even the leather will have differences in quality or craftsmanship, so don’t just look at the leather as leather and consider it a good leather office. For furniture, the quality should be comprehensively judged from the aspects of craftsmanship and inner core.
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