How to maintain office furniture in winter?

Don’t think it’s summer now. Maybe most people are also in a hurry. They want to know how to maintain office furniture in summer. In fact, office furniture in winter should also be maintained. manufacturers will give us more on these maintenance. Suggest. 1) Avoid direct sunlight. Although in winter, the sun is not as strong as summer, but if it is exposed for a long time, it may bring us more dry climate. If it is some wooden office furniture, then, manufacturers believe that some of these products will be easier to dry when exposed to sunlight, cracks often appear or these office furniture may be partially faded, so they should try not to expose them to sunlight. 2) Regular maintenance In winter, office furniture manufacturers also think that they should be regularly maintained. Under normal circumstances, only one waxing per quarter is enough. This kind of furniture looks very shiny. And the surface will not be dusty, so it is very easy to clean.  3) Avoid humidity   manufacturers believe that during the actual maintenance of these classic office furniture, they must not be placed in a humid place. After a long time, they may be prone to rot, and the drawers cannot be opened.
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