How to maintain panel office furniture?

Panel office furniture breaks the original physical structure of wood material, can adapt to a variety of environments, is not easy to deform when the humidity is high, and is more suitable for the fast-paced and modern society of modern fashion. How to maintain panel office furniture? Panel office furniture is different from furniture made of other materials. The maintenance of panel office furniture should pay attention to the following points:    1. storage should be moderate. Panel classic office furniture should not be placed in cabinets that are too full or too full. Objects often exceed the door frame. If they are often squeezed into the cabinet, the cabinet door will be squeezed and deformed by clothing. 2. Pay attention to the maintenance of the surface coating of panel office furniture. Panel office furniture is durable. Generally, it can be used for a longer period of time. Usually, the protection of the surface coating layer of the furniture should be strengthened. Wipe it with a little wax every three months to make the furniture more beautiful. , Can protect the wood raw materials of the board. 3. Panel office furniture cannot be wiped with chemical cleaners. To keep the panel office furniture tidy, you can wipe the dust with a dry cloth. Do not wipe with chemical cleaners such as brighteners. Chemical cleaners will make the furniture free of paint. The membrane is sticky and damaged. When the surface of panel office furniture is stained with dirt, it should be washed with mild soap and water. After drying, waxing can restore its original appearance. Never wipe it with solvent liquids such as gasoline, kerosene, turpentine, or else it will wipe off the surface paint and The gloss of the paint.  4. Surface care of panel office furniture   Furniture will become gray after a long time. We can crush walnuts, peel them, wrap them with gauze on the surface of the furniture and wipe them back and forth to make the paint film of the furniture bright as fresh. Panel office furniture with countertops can generally be placed with glass panels, so that the wood texture of panel office furniture can be displayed without affecting the appearance, and the board surface of the furniture can be protected.  5. Put lightly when moving board office furniture.    Board office furniture generally has a tenon-and-mortise structure. When moving the furniture, it must be moved gently and not pulled hard. It will damage the tenon-and-mortise structure and loosen the overall structure of the furniture.
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