How to plan hotel office furniture

The supporting design and layout of classic office furniture is an important part of the interior design of modern hotels, which has an important influence on the indoor environment. With the development of social economy and the improvement of aesthetic level, people's design requirements for hotel furniture are also increasing.   There are many types of hotel furniture. According to the functional partitions in the hotel, the furniture in the public area is for guests to rest, including sofas, chairs, coffee tables, etc.; the furniture in the catering part has a dining table, dining chair, bar, coffee table and chairs, etc.; the furniture in the guest room has a bed, bedside table, Sofas, coffee tables, desks, chairs, wall cabinets for storage, etc. The larger the high-end hotels, the more types of furniture that undertake social functions, the simpler the functions of budget hotels, and the relatively fewer types of furniture.   Hotel furniture design has two meanings: one is its practicality and comfort. In interior design, furniture is closely related to various activities of people, and the design concept of 'people-oriented' is reflected everywhere; the second is its decorativeness. Furniture is the main role that reflects the indoor atmosphere and artistic effect. Good furniture not only makes people feel convenient and comfortable, but also gives people aesthetic pleasure and pleasure. Some people compare a good furniture design to an egg, because the egg is a whole no matter from which angle it is viewed, that is, it is simple and varied, that is, simple and beautiful, which makes people happy and clear at a glance. As early as the beginning of the 20th century, the German 'Bauhaus' put forward the concept of modern furniture design, focusing on function and practicality, based on ergonomics, emphasizing industrial production, giving full play to material performance, simple and generous shapes, abandoning redundant decorations, and convenient Adjust the combination to suit different requirements.  With the development of the times and the changes in people’s lifestyles, the development trend of hotel furniture design has changed greatly:   1. The characteristics of art furniture (ornamental furniture) in public areas.   The so-called art furniture refers to the kind of furniture that plays a decorative function and satisfies the aesthetic needs of people in the indoor environment. The practicality of this kind of furniture is weakened, while the aesthetics is strengthened accordingly. Sometimes, a piece or group of furniture is placed in the hotel space, which can form a rich landscape effect. For example, there are two sets of beautifully shaped high-back sofas placed in the elevator hall of Beijing Kerry Center. Their role is to beautify the space. People often look at it and appreciate it and don’t have the heart to sit on it, but just experience what it creates. Rhythm and modern artistic beauty.  2. National cultural traditions have become fertile ground for nourishing furniture design.  Professional hotel designers should have a deep understanding of life, have an in-depth understanding of the cultures of countries and nations, absorb good nutrition, and create new works. For example, Ming-style furniture in my country has become a dazzling gem among the world's furniture families with its concise, upright, and dynamic and beautiful shape. There are many ethnic furniture like this, and they are fertile ground for nourishing furniture design.  3. The progress and development of science and technology provide a solid foundation for furniture design. With the advancement of science and technology, furniture designers further discover and apply new science and technology, new structures, and new craftsmanship, and new ways of furniture design are also increasing. For example, designing for ecological issues that people are generally concerned about. Ecological furniture that uses new science and technology to add negative oxygen ions to the furniture fabric.   4. The use of various new materials.   designers must have enough experience and knowledge to achieve the best combination of size, fabrics, and materials, so that the furniture can achieve the highest comfort (such as the bed, sofa, seat in the hotel, etc.). The comfort of the product comes first. The material selection is the first step. After selecting the material, what to consider is how to use it. The material mix is u200bu200bquite critical. Because different markets have different needs and preferences. For example, Germans prefer a harder sofa, while Italians prefer a softer feel. Therefore, even sofas with the same fabric have different internal materials. With the emergence of ecological design, people are paying more and more attention to the environmental protection of materials, and designers are also paying more and more attention to the embodiment of humanity in their designs.
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