How to plan the purchase list for office furniture?

The development and expansion of the company and the refurbishment or the addition of new offices require the purchase of office furniture. purchases need to develop a purchase list, plan the style and quantity of the products to be purchased. introduces the planning method of office furniture purchasing list for your reference. 1. High-end desks such as general managers or bosses are generally high-end solid wood executive desks, water-based paint, and environmentally friendly. 2. Staff desks are mainly made of environmentally friendly materials, usually artificial wooden panels, and the content of formaldehyde should not exceed the standard (a serious smell that exceeds the standard can cause dizziness and nausea of u200bu200boffice workers, which affects office and physical and mental health). 3. Large and small conference tables and customized multifunctional, paperless conference tables, cooperate with the conference system to create a modern multifunctional conference environment. 4. The main requirements for the supporting reception sofa, staff chair and conference chair are ergonomic design, comfort, environmental protection, and durability. The above are the most important common office furniture. Other classic office furniture, such as the reception desk, pantry, etc., are purchased according to the company's own needs and decoration style.

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