How to prevent the invasion of insects and bacteria in office furniture?

When we choose office furniture, we try to choose strong corrosion resistance, but even so, we must know how to prevent the invasion of insects and bacteria for office furniture. There are the following methods to deal with the invasion of insects:    1. For more and more cases of insect invasion in different seasons, which will lead to rot in office furniture or wooden structural materials, then you can use drug spray The potion ability carries the advantage of preventing the phenomenon of mosquitoes from invading. 2. For classic office furniture to prevent the occurrence of a lot of ants and bacteria in the maintained climate, invading the wooden materials and being easy to rot, then for these situations, using the potion to infiltrate the office equipment can prevent the invasion of moths. Advantages, it is necessary to carry out the injection of contact performance. 3. In daily maintenance, use the advantages of low-grade functional performance of wooden furniture that can withstand the invasion of insects and bacteria, and also reduce the occurrence of excessively humid water pollution in the air, and spray regularly Process, so as to reduce the occurrence of mosquito attacks in classic office furniture.  4. For the principle of mosquito treatment equipment, it is necessary to go to a professional mosquito shop to purchase such medicines to be particularly strong, preventing the occurrence of counterfeit and inferior medicines.
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