How to quickly remove odor from office furniture?

In the category of office furniture, especially the painted desks, there is a big peculiar smell when they are just bought. This is mostly due to the release of surface paint. This smell is not only unpleasant, but also contains a lot of harmful substances. If you use it directly, it will easily affect your health and cause respiratory diseases, so we need to do some treatment to remove this odor and harmful substances. Today, the editor will introduce several quicker and more effective methods for everyone, the purpose is to use classic office furniture earlier.  1. The scrubbing method with warm water mixed with vinegar    This method can be said to be very fast. Boil a bucket of warm water, put in an appropriate amount of vinegar, and the amount of vinegar put in is based on the strong smell of vinegar after mixing. Then scrub the entire office furniture without using any other cleaning agents. After scrubbing, leave it for a while, wait for the vinegar to infiltrate the paint surface to decompose harmful substances, and then rinse with clean water. This method is currently the fastest way to remove odors and harmful substances. 2. The peculiar smell of formaldehyde dissolving enzyme office furniture is mainly derived from the substances released by paint. Among them, formaldehyde is the most critical. Formaldehyde dissolving enzyme can be used to remove formaldehyde. Spray formaldehyde decomposing enzyme can be purchased to spray all the classic office furniture If the single effect is not obvious, you can try to use it multiple times until the odor is completely faded. 3. Although there are many methods to remove formaldehyde by the company itself, they are not professional enough, and sometimes in addition to office furniture, the entire indoor formaldehyde needs to be removed, so the best way is to spend money to hire a professional space purification company , Through their instruments and professional means, it seems that the space and office furniture have been cleaned up at one time.
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