How to remove the paint smell of office furniture?

Under normal circumstances, it is not recommended that people move in immediately after a newly renovated office, because the walls and office furniture inside are filled with a strong smell of paint. This has always been a headache, so how do we remove the paint smell of office furniture? Below, the editor will share some tips: 1. Go to the market and choose some high-quality office furniture deodorant cleaners, which can remove toxic gases released by new offices and new office furniture. The staff of the Testing Center: I would like to introduce to you that it is best to choose some imported products for high-quality deodorant cleaners. They use ammonia compounds to chemically interact with harmful substances emitted by office furniture, and then reach the intention of a fresh office environment. ?? In the newly renovated room, you can pour this deodorant cleaner into the dish, place the dish separately in each room, and combine with the wiping and deodorizing method, which can effectively remove the unpleasant odor after a few days. . 2. The most economical and effective way to beautify the office environment is of course to put suitable flowers and plants at home: plants that can absorb formaldehyde include cacti, spider plants, gerberas, etc.; flowers and plants that eliminate xylene include ivy, iron trees, chrysanthemums, etc. . 3. To quickly remove the residual paint smell of office furniture, you can soak a cotton ball with citric acid and hang it in the office and office furniture. 4. If you can put two basins of salt water in the office, the smell of paint will disappear quickly; if you wipe the classic office furniture several times with tea, the smell of paint will disappear faster. 5. Pour a tray of water, and then add an appropriate amount of vinegar to the ventilated office, and open the door. This method can not only protect the top coating surface of the wall by evaporation of a proper amount of water, but also absorb and eliminate the residual odor of the newly purchased office furniture paint. 6. Putting orange peels, lemon peels and other items in the office is also a very useful way to get rid of the paint smell of painted classic office furniture, but their effect will not be very fast. 7. Tianna water is often used in the production of office furniture. Put a broken jackfruit in the house, because the jackfruit has a big head and has a very strong fragrance, it can absorb the peculiar smell in a few days.

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