How to repair office furniture accidentally soaked in water?

In our daily lives, perhaps we all encounter the same problem, that is, 'How to repair office furniture accidentally soaked in water'? Now, the editor of Guangzhou will tell you the following coups. Everyone, get ready to take it! What should I do when faced with piles of soaked office furniture? If it is not completely unusable, you must find a way to save it! But there are also some methods and steps for repairing. If the method is wrong, it will fall short! summarizes several repair tips for users: solid wood office furniture repair tips: 1. Do not expose to the sun. The general solid wood classic office furniture will heat up and contract after being exposed to the sun, and in some places it will As a result, the surface will be more damaged due to cracks and deformation, and the structure of the furniture has been destroyed, and the supporting force is not as good as before. 2. The best way to soak furniture in natural air is to open the dehumidifier to completely evaporate the moisture in the furniture. At least it will return to a dry state before it will last for a long time, and the interior may become moldy. 3. After the office furniture is air-dried, if the surface is damaged or scratched, you can make up some paint of the same color, or you can put on a bright paint, and it can be an extra layer of protection. There are even professional furniture maintenance paints, which are suitable for wood Maintenance, anti-mildew and anti-moth. Tips for restoring office furniture with other materials: 1. Metal furniture is most afraid of rust. After soaking in water, it must be wiped clean. Every joint and tenon must not be ignored. Wipe it with rust inhibitor to extend its service life. . 2. Ask a professional furniture store to repair. Some furniture manufacturers that do a good job of repairing will have lower service prices for consumers who originally purchased. If you want to repair your furniture carefully, relying on professionalism is also one of the ways . Rescue strategy 2: How to avoid buying soaked office furniture? After the disaster, soaked office furniture popped out. Some people are planning to eliminate all the soaked furniture and buy a new batch. However, some manufacturers want to make typhoon fortune. Manufacturers, office furniture soaked in water, after refurbishment, before selling to consumers, apart from office furniture dealers to be self-disciplined, but also ask consumers to open their eyes and look carefully. 1. Check the small areas of classic office furniture that are most prone to mold, such as sofas. Feel for the folds, corners of the chair and the bottom of the sofa to see if it is damp, smell it, and see if there is a musty smell. 2. You can look around for wooden furniture to see if there is water stains? Is the place where the veneer is stuck? Press to see if the structure is not stable enough, or ask more about the source of the furniture, and also choose the place to buy office furniture. 3. Some office furniture is advertised as being soaked in water, so selling cheaply at this time should not be too greedy for small and cheap. If you want to use long-term office furniture, you must have a certain degree of quality assurance.
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