How to resolve poor feng shui office furniture

Work hard and work hard. Why is promotion and salary increase not your part? Want to know what makes your career sluggish? In fact, the key lies in the place where you work every day. Poor feng shui in the office is not only easy to provoke villains, It’s also easy to hinder your career prospects! Now take a look at your office feng shui to find out the reasons for your downturn at work, and use the following career fortunes to help you strengthen your career fortune, so that you can be promoted and promoted smoothly. Salary! 1. A window on the back of the noble person runs away. If you are in your office, and there is a large window behind, it will form an unreliable feng shui pattern, which will not only make you emotionally unstable at work, and less expensive people will help you. You will often be framed by villains. At this time, it is recommended to install curtains or place an embroidered screen behind your back, which can resolve the unreliable bad feng shui behind, help you get the support of the nobles, and make your career development smoother. 2. Facing the toilet door. Unsmooth fortune. Wooden desk. When the desk is facing the toilet door, not only is it often troublesome in official business, but also filth gathers, and it is easy to make people unhealthy and unable to concentrate on work. At this time, in addition to adding a dark curtain at the door of the toilet to block it, it is also recommended to use decontamination spray to decontaminate the odor, which can transform the filthy aura and unlock good luck for you. 3. It is difficult to expand the business plan. The implementation of the plan is often not smooth and has been repeatedly blocked by others. At this time, you may wish to pay attention to check whether the placement of the desk is just upside down? Generally speaking, it is being placed. When putting it, make the ornaments on the left higher than the ornaments on the right, because the left side is the so-called blue dragon edge, and the blue dragon edge needs to be taller to get the approval of others, which can avoid the result of frequent changes and hasty end of the plan. 4. Everyone who is behind the villain also comes to the steel desk. If you are behind the seat, there will always be people walking around. This will not only make you distracted and unfocused at work, but also easily provoke the villain. , Telling you bad things behind your back or pulling your hind legs will greatly affect your whole fortune. Therefore, it is recommended to place three Maitreya Buddhas on the office table, which can suppress the villain and bring you peace of mind. You can laugh a lot at any time. [Good Luck Tips] 1. The desk of classic office furniture should not be messed up. Because the desk is messed up, the heart will be messed up, and the thoughts cannot be calmed down, so the business is not easy to succeed. 2. Try to avoid placing sharp accessories in the office, because it is easy to cause friction and disputes, and the mentality of being unreasonable or insisting on winning can easily cause tension and confrontation and hinder career development. 3. Avoid placing some prickly flowers or plants in the office, such as roses and cacti. It is best to place some sunflowers, sunflowers, and lilies. This will make your career development smooth and your interpersonal relationship will be great.

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