How to save oneself when an office furniture factory catches fire?

The editor of Guangzhou Factory shared with you how to save yourself when an classic office furniture factory caught fire? It was previously reported that a furniture factory in Huangpu Town, Zhongshan caught fire. Many employees of the factory pulled curtains and climbed the glass windows to escape. Regrettably, an employee accidentally fell and died when he returned to the warehouse to get his mobile phone and wallet back. You shouldn't have lost your precious life, but you lost it because of your greed for finances. This is a lesson of blood. For this reason, the editor of Guangzhou Factory also feels sorry. So in the event of a fire in an office furniture factory or a fire in a residential or enterprise, how should we effectively save ourselves? 1. Escape quickly when a fire hits, and don't be greedy for property.     2. Family members should usually understand the basic methods of fire escape and be familiar with several escape routes.     3. When threatened by fire, immediately put on soaked clothing, bedding, etc. and rush out toward the safe exit.     4. When escaping through dense smoke, keep your body close to the ground as much as possible, and cover your mouth and nose with a wet towel.     5. If you are on fire, don't run, you can roll on the spot or use heavy clothing to press the fire extinguisher.     6. Do not take the elevator in case of fire, and escape to the direction of the safety exit.     7. When there is a fire outdoors and the door is hot, do not open the door to prevent the fire from entering the room. Block doors and windows with soaked bedding, clothing, etc., and splash water to cool down.     8. If all escape routes are blocked by the fire, they must return to the room immediately and send a distress signal outside the window by flashing a flashlight, waving clothing, calling, etc., and wait for rescue. 9. Don't jump off the building blindly. You can use evacuation stairs, balconies, drain pipes, etc. to escape, or tear sheets and duvet covers into strips and connect them into ropes, tie them tightly to window frames, iron railings and other fixed objects, and slide down the ropes , Or go down to the unfired floor to escape the danger.

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