How to solve the sudden situation of office furniture?

by:Senbetter     2021-05-23
In general, office workers spend half of the day at home, half of the time at the company, resting at home, and earning money at the company. When it comes to office furniture in a company, desks and office chairs are common. In the past few days, there are always old classmates asking how to solve the sudden situation of classic office furniture? Let the professionals introduce it in detail. 1. The method of restoring gloss: mix with clean water and a quarter of vinegar, soak a soft cloth with the mixture and gently wipe the tabletop; or wipe the tabletop with alcohol, toilet water, or tea after soaking the cloth. After the above two methods are wiped, you need to use clean water to wipe again, and then apply floor wax to the furniture to restore the furniture to its previous brightness. 2. How to remove cigarette butts or open flame burns: If you accidentally burn solid wood furniture with cigarette butts or flames, you can use iodine to wipe the furniture, and then use lemon slices to wipe the damage on the mark several times to remove the marks After desalination, wipe with a clean cloth.  3. How to remove scratch marks: Wipe off the damaged debris with a soft cloth dampened with warm water, and then spray the same color paint on the damaged place to solve this situation. 4. Ways to remove rust: some office furniture will rust when it comes in contact with some chemicals. At this time, you can put the rusty object in a basin filled with engine oil, and take out the rust after soaking for a while. There will be none. If it is a large piece that cannot be removed, you can use a brush or cotton gauze to wipe the rusty area with machine oil. The rust will be wiped off after slowly wiping it for a while. The above are four ways to solve the sudden situation of office furniture. If you want to reduce the frequency of office furniture problems, you must pay attention to the daily maintenance problems. Only when you use the classic office furniture better, you can reduce the sudden situation in the future use. The fault occurred, but after reading the above article, it can be solved perfectly after encountering unexpected situations.
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