How to spend the summer with office furniture

What, office furniture also needs heatstroke prevention? How to prevent heatstroke in office furniture? Then go and have a look with the editor of Guangzhou ! In summer, furniture will also suffer from heat stroke. Is it true that high temperature, humid climate and temperature changes caused by air conditioning will damage raw furniture, ranging from peeling and fading, and at worst, the furniture will expand and deform. For furniture with different materials, how to prevent heatstroke and high temperature in summer? Summer is indeed a critical period for the maintenance of all kinds of furniture, because the temperature rise and daytime exposure can easily cause the aging and damage of the furniture. So when summer comes, if there is furniture in your home that is exposed to the sun for a long time, in addition to removing the furniture, the most preferable solution is to use curtains and other items to block the sun. The editor of Guangzhou office furniture believes that heavy curtains are not necessary. Even a layer of tulle can protect the furniture from direct sunlight and reduce the degree of aging and damage. In fact, apart from specially treated outdoor furniture, almost no furniture is not afraid of exposure to the sun. However, the sun protection and maintenance of furniture of different materials are very different, and the sun protection and measures should be determined according to the material. 1. Wooden furniture. Wooden furniture and maintenance tools are usually tested for moisture content, but some carved furniture with complex processes may not contain this step. Exposure to the sun can easily cause aging or even cracks. What we can do is to keep it away from the heat source. And air-conditioning vents, because the huge temperature difference has always been an important reason for the aging and damage of wooden furniture. In addition to avoiding light, you can also apply some wax or paraffin to the edges and bottom of drawers and sliding doors, which may cause damage due to cracks. 2. Exposure to the fabric sofa will make the fabric sofa tightly cracked, or severely faded, causing uneven color problems, and the 'appearance' of the fabric sofa will basically be destroyed after long-term exposure. Many families do not tear off the plastic packaging on the original surface in order to prevent dust. In fact, it is more likely to cause internal moisture and mildew under the sun. It is best to avoid direct sunlight and the wrapping paper should be torn off in time. . 3. Leather furniture Leather sofas are prone to moisture absorption in spring, but the moisture will be emitted in summer. Not only does it taste strange, but also if it is not treated for a long time, the surface of the sofa leather will continue to oxidize and lose its luster. Use professional cleaning supplies to wipe the sofa leather in time, and wipe off the problematic layer of material on the surface in time to prevent further damage to the leather. 4. Some rattan furniture in rattan furniture belongs to outdoor products. If you just buy this kind of products, you don't have to worry about the problem of exposure, but if it is ordinary rattan furniture, the rattan will be deformed or even cracked by exposure, and the broken rattan will be difficult to recover. Not only is it unsightly, but it may hurt people when sitting on it. Pay attention to moisture in summer, so it is best to wipe the rattan furniture with a damp soft cloth, but also pay attention to indoor ventilation to avoid moisture accumulation. 5. Iron furniture. Many people think that iron furniture is not afraid of the sun, but it is actually great. At present, iron furniture is divided into two types: painted and polished. Take painted iron furniture as an example, iron products will be exposed to the sun for a long time and heat up more than others. The material is faster, and the paint on the surface is very likely to fade or peel off, exposing the metal, and the metal is then oxidized, which is very unsightly and completely loses the original sense of shape. Iron art is inconvenient to remove, so it is best to cover it with curtains or other items to avoid direct sunlight. You can go to the supermarket to buy tarp and cleaning agent for iron art, and maintain it in time, and pay special attention to avoid contact with vinegar, soapy water, and soda Acid and alkali substances such as water will aggravate the oxidation of iron art. After learning and understanding why office furniture also needs some knowledge about heatstroke prevention with our editor of Guangzhou classic office furniture, do you have a new view and understanding of the maintenance of office furniture in the future?

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