I don't know how to pick tea table? To see the Italian furniture tea table

Speaking of tea table, tea table is a lot of people think it is the key role of receive, hope to have a lot of drawer is used to receive goods. It also makes the traditional tea table can't get rid of the stereotype of 'heavy'! In contemporary family, however, the role of tea table, besides receiving components should also be as the adornment of the sitting room. With the development of the trend, heavy tea table is obsolete, the tea table of minimalist design fashion now. Below small make up to introduce the tea table of Italian furniture. 1, the independent model small tea table, give priority to with 'simple, thin and light', is the first choice for building contracted household style. Without trival sculpture decoration, contracted but not simple. Let a space no longer drab and crowded, delicate posture create a relaxed and natural living environment. Modelling design has a unique style of tea table, can be a beautiful ornament of sitting room space. As long as when the choice, tie-in and put a little thought, it will make your sitting room is sending out the temperament that gives more than expected. 2, combined type tea table, the joining together of different size, shape, or the same size and shape to form a specific geometry. Both shows the tea table the originality and diversity of structure modelling, showed the characteristics of the flexible and changeable, increased enough to receive a space, fully meet the needs of the display items. Low tea table can maximally save space, let a sitting room more open. Actually for contemporary family, the sitting room should be simple and orderly, so tea table don't need to put a lot of items, put more appear messy, affect the overall aesthetic. So clean and clear small tea table looks more comfortable. In Italian furniture design, the design of the tea table follow the principle of simple design, using unconventional materials, such as metal, marble, etc. , make furniture looks more flexible, let the more breathing space. This is also an Italian furniture design charm, walk at the forefront of fashion, design for the world watched in Italy.
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