In line with the modern aesthetic furniture, postmodern secular meaning type furniture innovation

The furniture on the market a variety of styles, let the consumer see more dazzling. At present, the American style and modern light and decoration style is very popular, but there are a lot of furniture style, we may not be familiar with. Like the post-modem Italian furniture. If you still do not understand it, so long let's take a look at this style of home have what characteristic. The characteristics of the post-modern meaning type furniture is unique, it can see from the picture we offer. Postmodern meaning type furniture has simple in function, structure and decoration. The modelling of post-modem Italian furniture is different from the traditional furniture modelling. Based on the pop art and the combination of new technology and old technology, create accords with modern aesthetic type of furniture. The characteristics of the post-modern meaning type furniture is to absorb the spirit of craftsman in traditional meaning type furniture and still be able to gain insight into new demographic and the desire for advocating personality and freedom. Post-modem Italian furniture style of fusion and interpretation of continuous innovation, the Italian aristocracy elevated to a higher level of life, has brought people, high-end fashion and elegant high-grade household experience. In the design of the post-modern meaning type furniture is characterized by simple and innovation. Postmodern meaning type furniture stylist adopted resolution and analysis technology, breaking the existing form, image schema decomposition. To some extent, we can understand as a new kind of postmodern meaning type furniture design patterns. The characteristics of the post-modern meaning type furniture also advocates the fusion of old and new, in traditional Italian furniture style had the very big improvement. Postmodern features of Italian furniture style is not simply repeat the history, but to look on the broad historical building modernism abandoned, take the continuity of history, has a destination, consciously choose the most representative of classical architecture image, meaningfully, combine historical style and modern style, to create the perfect modern Italian furniture. The characteristics of the post-modern meaning type furniture is to emphasize form of metaphor and symbol culture and decoration. In the process of creating the postmodern meaning type furniture, metaphorical visual symbols used in a lot of furniture products, can send out a unique charm. It USES a lot of delicate and elegant design, make the postmodern meaning type furniture with grace, the beauty of rhythm. Yong bang post-modem Italian is the pursuit of solemn, emphasize rational harmony and peace, and the pursuit of romantic adornment sex, in the pursuit of rational and at the same time give a person with infinite daydream, the overall design are dramatic and passion, is the symbol of a noble life.
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