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Italian style furniture design feature lies in its inherent high temperament, rich cultural connotation, exquisite traditional crafts. Now in addition to the Italian furniture decoration high-grade apartments, villas, luxury hotels, there are also some high-grade residential, in the high-end furniture consumer market dominance. Italian modern style of furniture will be closely combined with art and function, the progress of industrial technology combined with design feeling, in the process of pursuing aesthetic attributes at the same time satisfy the requirements of the product's functionality. Italian style of household, we often can see carving process, and used to decorate desk horn, or some of the detail of the processing. Italian style furniture will give the furniture at the court of powders, yellow tones can let noble meaning type furniture is more on a class. Contracted has always been the feature of Italian furniture, simple but not common, but retain the characteristics of the noble and fashionable, this is the Italian household are the reasons for their enduring. Modern Italian furniture is elegant and comfortable design retained the classic furniture of color and texture, as well as to adapt to the modern life space. Reveal elegant perfect quality sense, at the same time, its artistic disposition is also sending a strong presence in space, do not break elegance and romance. Italian furniture is not only represents the love of life, people also stands for the understanding and pursuit of perfect. Italian furniture material quality is very high, wood, leather, cloth, are carefully chosen, in a very delicate process, showed a high grade quality, the fabric will often choose high quality leather, linen, silk, fiber, and so on, through these fabrics degree of sense of beauty and luxury, highlight the noble temperament of Italian furniture.
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