Interpretation of sofa trends in the exhibition


The layman may see the dazzling, and the layman feels that it is not difficult to grasp the new trend of furniture. Taking the sofas as an example, nothing more than modeling, metal parts, colors, fabrics, functions, and other major elements, a little bit of pondering, can always see some of the doorway.

Modeling - export products tend to be simple, domestic products prefer complex

According to Feng Yuanfeng, a Gu sofa designer at the Furniture Fair in Milan this spring and Cologne Furniture Fair in the autumn of this year, the prevalence of furniture in the international and domestic markets is quite different. The two famous furniture exhibitions in the world rarely see the neo-classical furniture that is quite popular and complicated in the past two years in China. Looking forward, no matter whether it is a famous international big brand or a designer's cutting-edge brand, Basically simple furniture. The more concise the furniture is, the more it tests the skill of the designer. The Shanghai Furniture Fair is mainly aimed at exports, so most of the displayed furniture is a simple trend of international popular. For example, at the Shanghai Furniture Fair, the ultra-concise CAMELRICH concept sofa even gave up the handrail and backrest. It is understood that in the Ruichi exhibition hall in the sixth space of Hangzhou, it will soon be able to see the just released at the Shanghai Furniture Fair. These fall new products.

Metal parts - stainless steel brushed pink gold, popular metal feet

As a sofa designer, Feng Yuanfeng is very familiar with customer preferences. He knew that in the past, Americans could only accept sofa feet made of wood, but the former domestic sofas would have been difficult to sell if they used metal feet. Nowadays, designers at home and abroad have put sofa legs as a separate element to their full potential. The metalization trend of sofa legs has become a global trend. The colors have changed, and the stainless steel has been painted in pink gold and bright black. International and domestic buyers are now basically accepting the sofa feet of this metal texture. LEHOO (Lihao)'s latest product MODE sofa at the Shanghai Furniture Fair was designed by an Italian designer and the sofa legs were also made of metal.

Functionality - more and more emphasis on functional supremacy, backrest adjustment changes

The good-looking sofa will eventually be used for sitting. It requires people to sit comfortably before they can be called a competent sofa. Nowadays, designers of various brands are increasingly emphasizing functionalities, and there are more and more changes in backrest adjustments, which can be pushed back and forth, pushed up and down, and can also be collapsed. A sofa backrest like the Lihao MODE has a wide range of functions that can be removed and placed on the waist, or it can be worn on the head. Designers are also exploring the utilization of space, so that the storage function of the sofa to the limit, such as under the armrests, lying below the design of the storage function, the side of the armrest is also designed storage space.

Fabrics - Cloth sofas are close to nature in the world, sand linen and denim fabrics are the main products

Many fabric sofas unveiled at the Milan show this spring, using sand-washed linens, look very elegant, feel better than pure linen, and have higher stability. At the Shanghai Furniture Fair, many fabric sofas exported also use this type of fabric. The other main fabric is similar to denim. These products are not sold in China, but it is not difficult to buy such a sofa in Hangzhou. In the flagship showroom of the Meikemei home on Tianmushan Road, there are a variety of fabric sofas made from these two fabrics.

Colors - transitions with solid colors

From 2008 to 2009, the color trend of sofas in the world is gray. In 2010, pink and color became popular. What color is popular in 2011? Andrea Turri, CEO and Chief Executive Officer of Turri Furniture, which is produced and designed in Italy, played in person and talked about this year's colorful experience with his many years of experience in Italy. He believes that in 2011 the sofa will be more colorful, and between beige, there will be a pure color transition, such as pure red or pure blue, so that the color of the whole group of sofas will appear more jump. In the exhibition hall of Hangzhou Welfare International, you can see a Turri (red) single sofa that participated in this spring furniture exhibition in Milan, Italy.

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