Introduction to the advantages of panel office furniture

is the most common for us, and its materials are generally divided into solid wood office furniture and panel office furniture. For larger companies, which use more panel office furniture, what are the advantages of panel office furniture ? How else would it be better to display it? Let me introduce you to the editor of Guangzhou Factory. 1. The advantages of panel office furniture 1. The basic feature of panel classic office furniture is that it can be disassembled, the shape is full of changes, and the shape is fashionable. Good gloss, fast process, and relatively high cost performance. 2. Panel office furniture has many choices of finishes. When customizing office furniture, the company can match the finishes with different textures and colors according to the office environment, and the panel office furniture can achieve a good placement effect in a smaller office area, which improves Utilization of office space. This is also an important reason why panel office furniture is so popular among modern office furniture. 3. The base material of board office furniture is made by a small amount of dehydration and one-time pressing. The surface is made of environmentally friendly melamine fireproof material. The melamine board is very hard. Generally, the object will not leave obvious scratches when it is scratched on it. Good abrasion resistance. 2. Placement Method The placement of panel office furniture is not only related to the layout, but also related to the changes in the effect of light, which requires attention. In the process of placement and layout, the docking and conversion of light should be fully considered, so that the light can effectively assist the office, and improve the efficiency of work. When placing it, pay attention to blind spots, coordination with lighting, and matching with natural light, etc. .

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