Introduction to the nursing knowledge of leather sofa by office furniture factory

Nowadays, more and more people choose leather sofas, but the care of leather sofas is really a headache. Today, the classic office furniture factory will introduce you to several kinds of sofa care knowledge, I hope it will be helpful to you.   Heavy dirt cleaning. For the cleaning and care of household leather sofas, most people take care of Belle Bead. Belle Bead is a liquid wax containing silicone oil and a small amount of cleaning agent. It can only clean the floating dust on the leather surface and has a certain glazing effect. , But the heavy dirt, especially the dirt in the pores, can’t be cleaned at all, the light on it will be gone within a few days; the most serious problem of spraying Bilizhu is to make the leather surface easier to absorb dust, if the dirt can’t be cleaned off No matter how good the resin is, it can’t penetrate into the leather fibers. It will easily peel off the coating on the leather surface. Therefore, the first step in leather sofa care is to thoroughly clean the leather, but it cannot be alkaline or acidic. Clean with a large cleaning agent. Although it can be cleaned, it will cause irreversible damage to the leather. After a long time, it will appear dry and crack, which greatly shortens the life of the leather. The correct method is to use neutral or weak acid. The special leather cleaning agent has a good effect on removing all kinds of dirt on the leather sofa, and does not damage the leather.   uses high elasticity, high hiding power resin. Because leather sofas have to sit and sleep countless times during the service life, leather sofas require all coatings to have good adhesion, stretch resistance, and resistance to dry and wet rubbing, and no coating peeling, discoloration, bursting, etc. The phenomenon of stickiness, so there is a high requirement on the resin, it must have high adhesion but not sticky, high elasticity, high hiding power and other properties to meet its special requirements.  The coating must have high hiding power and high temperature discoloration resistance. Light-colored leather sofas are prone to yellowing or darkening of the coating color after the high temperature in summer. The main reason is that the color paste used is not resistant to high temperatures.   Waterproof and antifouling treatment of classic office furniture coating. Many leather sofas have poor resistance to wet rubbing, and the color will fade after a little bit of water. There are many reasons: the cleaning is not clean, the quality of the tree fingers is too low and there is no adhesion, the toning ratio is out of balance, and the color paste is added during the toning. Too much, no crosslinking agent or too little added.
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