Introduction to the production process and characteristics of panel office furniture

Panel office furniture is stylish, simple and durable, and the price is much more affordable than solid wood office furniture. Many people choose panel office furniture. Let me introduce the production technology of panel office furniture and the characteristics of panel furniture. The classification and process introduction of panel office furniture: The surface of panel office furniture must be treated to a certain extent to make the office furniture durable and richer in color. Panel office furniture is divided into several categories:   Solid wood veneer classic office furniture: It is a comparison of panel furniture The high-end kind, the principle of solid wood veneer is to cut the veneer such as white oak, teak, huanghuali, walnut, ebony, etc., into wood chips of about 2 mm, and then paste them to the board furniture through special processes The surface is then painted and baked.   Solid wood veneer office furniture has clear, beautiful and natural wood grain on the surface, smooth to the touch, and solid wood. You can see about 1 mm of veneer at the corner of the panel. Generally, the price of veneer office furniture is slightly higher than that of a panel office. Composite veneer office furniture: This kind of composite wood board is laminated with different colors of raw veneers, and then glued to synthesize wood squares, sliced u200bu200bto form pieces of different colors, and different wood types of composite solid wood veneers are attached to the board office The surface of the furniture is made.  The fireproof board veneer used in fireproof board classic office furniture, the surface of the office furniture with fireproof board veneer is wear-resistant and heat-resistant, and the panel has many lines and is beautiful. There are many processing techniques and materials for panel office furniture. I will only introduce the materials and processing techniques of these types of panel classic office furniture.
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