Is the office furniture brand important?

It is understood that most consumers still choose local suppliers when choosing office furniture to cooperate or book. The main reason is that local office furniture companies are more convenient for them to carry out after-sales, although in fact, there are not many after-sales of office furniture. However, consumers still think that purchasing goods in the local area will be more secure for such products that are bulky and inconvenient for distribution and installation. This phenomenon is very common. Now there are not many well-known office furniture brands on the market, because in many cases The office brand does not play a decisive role in the sales process, and it is difficult to cultivate loyal customers. But if you say that office furniture brands are not very useful, that’s not necessarily true. For example, Mousse Furniture and IKEA still have some brand fans with certain data on their scale, so it is not useless to build office furniture brands, at least there are brands. Endorsement is also an advantage for sales, but you can't get more orders across regions. If you are competing with other local counterparts, it is obviously better to own a brand than not. So does the office furniture brand play a big role in the remarketing process? This is really hard to say. For different customers, they purchase office furniture with different focuses. Some consumers will put more emphasis on price, and some will pay more attention to price. The emphasis is on quality, so if the quality and price are the same, of course a brand will be more acceptable to consumers, but if you want to achieve a brand premium, it is really not easy. The editor of classic office furniture believes that the possibility of a brand premium is unlikely.
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