Italian contracted style - — The art of Italian furniture come from?

Because of the effect of milan international furniture fair is more and more big, the aesthetic choice, but also because of the international more and more young people choose Italian furniture. 'Italian design' contracted fashion image began to be known all over the world. Choose Italian furniture, in addition to its biggest practical, is the main furniture and all aspects of life of art, city a reflection of good taste. Italian furniture design represents the culture and art, creativity, imagination and expressive force. Italian furniture each product reflects the pursuit of beauty of creation and life. Line: multi-layer line is one of the design features of Italian furniture. Different from the furniture of boreal Europe contracted wind, Italian contemporary style delicate contracted, reveal a strong sense of design. In the modelling of extremely simple and modern has a very noble temperament, multi-level line creates a three-dimensional space of internal changes. Color: Italian furniture design for its bold and exquisite color constitute the Italian furniture fashion one of the important factors. Italian contemporary and contracted furniture every space design is given priority to with comfortable, bold use warm color to dress up, let the whole family is full of warm and fashionable breath. Style: Italian furniture will continue to improve the industrial technology and design creativity, in order to meet the product function and the pursuit of aesthetic attributes. Many people have been love Italy. In China, the Italian contemporary furniture are known and loved for people, people have a crush on the fusion of reason and emotion, for its send out the artistic aesthetic feeling. Senbetter is committed to create rich Italian charm of interior landscape, follow Italy ‌ ‌ the design thought of the traditional culture of the Mediterranean, continuous development and innovation on the premise of guarantee comfortable, created a delicate, easy, casual life atmosphere. Inheriting the essence of Italian design, through the change of the clever, let Italian furniture is more suitable for Chinese use. This is Senbetter attentively.
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