Italian furniture characteristics - — Just like a noble charming dream

Italy has been regarded as a paradise of civilized life and wisdom. Italian life seems to be a fashion and elegant picture, a beautiful, noble and charming dream. When it comes to Italy, yu once said in his book: 'Germany is too rigid, Spain too wild uninhibited, Britain is too neat, conservative French too frivolous at random, while Italy just to avoid these disadvantages, combines many advantages in one: diversity, strong creativity, imaginative, always in the forefront of fashion. 'As the most direct way of life, Italian Italian furniture is highly praised. Only one item, a halfback modelling chair, or a set of high-end fashion sofa, can instantly make your household space for promotion. As the saying goes: detail decides success or failure. Care about type furniture design, details is more depends on the designer's surprise. Both in color and shape, need to be able to attract the attention of visitors; No matter choose the meaning type furniture is expensive, luxury, or simple and sweet, can be a bright spot. In order to show the aesthetic temperament and interest of the residents, many consumers are more or less will be used in decorative lighting or works of art for an ornament, this will add artistic atmosphere for the space. Italy is one of the world's most fashionable and most talented country, their mastery of color has always been the focus of the world's attention. They make colour has become a trend, indoor stylist advocate people return to nature, advocating environmental protection 'fresh' trend. Italians displayed their seemingly casual but surprisingly successful mix build, and presents a more precise principles. In a strong Italian amorous feelings of the residence, we can see from the cany chair of southeast Asia style, modern style of glass doors and Windows, there is even a minimalist furniture. Italy with eclecticism tell you, fusion is right across cultural boundaries.
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