Italian furniture design and production of the difficulty, made its quality of legend

From the design point of view, in the classical Italian milan wind, Tuscany wind, wind, Venice baroque style is very magnificent, the gentleman and air with deposit, carving processing difficulty is very high, in terms of soft package. Is also very strict; As for post-modem Italian style, people feel very comfortable, simple lines, smooth curves to make people feel noble generous, but its processing difficulty is not simple, simple but not simple say is Italian furniture. Modern Italy style design, looks very simple, actually is difficult. Furniture design of the most difficult, in fact, is 'the overall ratio', not on the poor, can truly reflect and express meaning. Mainly mild package shape cutting, and the framework ( Wood) according to the facts The curve of dynamic. Furniture is simple, make, the more difficult. The soft package of Italian furniture is very strict, craft, color, material, gloss and comfort requirements is very high. When it comes to solid wood parts, it is more amazing. 'Say, you must first create a real modern Italian furniture. The product must have five axis nc machine tools. 'This machine is very expensive, and after the purchase, production personnel must go through training to operate the machine for a long period of time, so not every manufacturer can meet the conditions. At the same time, during the production, wood consumables is also very high, so the above all of the production cost of increasing the manufacturer directly, but also increase the cost of the final consumer shopping. Therefore, this does not mean that Italian furniture is not popular in today's society, but the cost of furniture production and the price is higher, more than a lot of consumer's consumption level of the masses. As a result, the consumer groups of Italian furniture is always a small group. There are also some brand started producing moderate prices, but involves the meaning type furniture is contracted fashion, slowly to accept the general public.
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