Italian furniture factory how to produce environmental protection furniture? Focus on the paint process

With the improvement of living standard, people more and more high to the requirement of quality of life. Healthy environmental protection in recent years, more and more become the new requirements for everyone to pursue high quality life, environmental protection furniture also gradually into the people at the center of family life. Italian furniture brand to tell you, how to determine whether furniture of environmental protection. When it comes to environmental protection furniture, people have some request for the definition of it. It is furniture itself free from contamination, poison. Second, it should have a higher artistic connotation and aesthetic features, with interior design photograph echo, and create a harmonious, beautiful household environment. Third, easy recycling, processing, recycling, when the furniture is not work, won't cause pollution to the environment. Can achieve the furniture of the three requirements, can be called real furniture is environmental protection, from design, production to recycling, are made clear rules. Environmental protection furniture, whether from physical or mental, can satisfy people's demand for high quality life, now that people pursue high quality life, that when environmental protection furniture of choose and buy should learn some skills. And traditional Chinese medicine to a patient sees a doctor, when environmental protection furniture of choose and buy can also by listening, asking and difference. Look: look material, looking for signs. When buying furniture, should pay attention to check is made of solid wood furniture, or made of man-made board, solid wood furniture for the possibility of indoor pollution generally small. In addition, should see if there are countries to confirm the furniture 'green products' logo. Have the furniture of this sign can easily buy and use. Smell: be careful of pungent smell. When choosing furniture, must open the furniture, the smell inside if there is a strong pungent odor, this is the most effective way to judge whether furniture is environmental protection. Q: to understand the strength of the manufacturers, don't forget to ask furniture is in accordance with the relevant state environmental protection laws and regulations, whether to have related certification, had better choose to have a certain brand of furniture brand. Cut: touch, to see whether sealing edge furniture closely, material moisture content is too high. Because of the closed can seal edge sealing plate of free formaldehyde, not the indoor air pollution; Exorbitant as the moisture content and quality problems of furniture not only, also can increase the formaldehyde release rate. Buy furniture of environmental protection, the choice of the Italian furniture ten big brand Senbetter, Senbetter paint technology in the world, leading high-end furniture industry environmental protection, elegant, is ever new. , modern design and fluent line, and 26 specular paint technology, the quality of its products have enduring created Senbetter brand characteristics of inheritance, let people enjoy its unique charm.
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