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As a kind of post-modern luxury, Italian furniture design from Italian art and culture. Furniture designer ingeniously will process to the art form, not only demonstrates the outstanding cultural Renaissance, as well as their effort and passion into every piece of furniture, let every piece of furniture show different properties of art. Everyone can enter the art world of their own. Since the 1920 s, s, yong state decoration art design style by the global furniture industry. It pays attention to the beauty like machinery, through the abstraction, geometry, purely decorative lines and patterns, the Italian furniture's elegant and exquisite fully displayed. Designers draw nutrition from classical art form, and different materials, process and production methods to create different custom noble temperament. Italian furniture is known as always with exquisite craft, the designer through the sharpness and cutting edge design inspiration, the new way of life fully display of modern elite. Modem people advocating high quality life, committed to the pursuit of personalized luxury and comfortable living environment. Stylist advocate elegant and mature, has been leading the creative inspiration with the world. Light of luxury is not only a kind of attitude to life, but also a fashion simple way of life. A variety of color apply make the household environment more stylish. Yong bang furniture because of its fine quality, become a rational and healthy consumer products. Light of luxury is not blind vanity, but in order to reflect the mood of the self, savour and faith - — Because it often is suitable for self. Light luxury Italian household environment can through the cycle of light and shadow made a modern and vibrant atmosphere, this is a review about the modern way of life in Italy.
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