Italian furniture in China, is leading the furniture trend

At present, China's furniture market is very open and diversified. South Korea, France, Europe, the United States, China and other different types of furniture leads the way. European furniture is famous for its noble, elegant, the atmosphere, and the art of Italian furniture with rich color, deeply love the love of friends of the romantic life. Let's talk about Italian furniture is in the Chinese market. 1, the Italian furniture style and form of Italian furniture cultural history. China has always been a country with a history of the humanities. So a lot of consumers prefer to have the furniture of historical and cultural products. Renaissance art beauty, combined with the traditional manufacturing technology and modern advanced technology, gives the Italian furniture unique charm. Domestic Italian furniture factory mainly divided into two schools: the north school pay more attention to the three-dimensional effect of log, and pay more attention to the southern school of log Italian flavor and style. 2, Italian furniture consumption scale of Italian furniture is a kind of high-end furniture style. In terms of the current domestic high level of consumption, Italian furniture prices are relatively high, some families with higher incomes are more likely to buy Italian furniture. According to statistics, the domestic billions of Italian style furniture market scale, a strong customer base strength. Believe in the future there will be more and more friends to understand the Italian culture, contact the Italian furniture. 3, Italian furniture consumption trends, a few years ago, Italian furniture is started from the core cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, chongqing gradually developed to the nationwide, Italian furniture market growing rapidly in China, gradually and eventually dominate the industry. In recent years, the development of Italian furniture is becoming more and more popular in China, the advantages and characteristics is becoming more and more obvious. Many people spoke highly of Italian furniture is 'a light in the arts and humanities, when they see these furniture, they see is a kind of artistic taste of life.
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