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Italian style since ancient times has been the forefront of home fashion. It can not only inherit the classic and complex design, and can be a simple and modern fashion. Nowadays, with the prevalence of modern minimalism, Italian families began to the pursuit of fashion and personalized luxury. Today to talk about Italian furniture characteristic, take you into the world of Italian. Based on the essence of life, deduce the light with a minimalist design and decoration of the most essential aesthetics. 'Luxury' of Italy is more like a kind of life attitude, emphasis on modernity, contracted, low-key, fashion, not lack of romantic and aestheticism and elegant. Italian costly style 1, classical elements according to the characteristics of the modern interpretation of history, Italian furniture design style can be traced back to the early 15th century Florence, the main style is elegant baroque style. To pay more attention to the details of the human. Based on the essence of life, with minimalist design modern interpretation of costly aesthetics. 2, simple but not simple, compared with the traditional Italian style is more simple, smooth texture, design, smooth lines more and clearer, simpler, more fashion, low-key, elegant. It emphasizes that the senses of clean and tidy, and the thought of elegant taste and style. In the case of high functionality and the face value, it doesn't attract the public, but is always cause for concern. 3, low-key costly, quiet and elegant lightweight costly style to pursue the most concise design method to the creation of luxury style. The simple shape is costly material. So-called material luxury, not in the traditional sense of luxury and expensive, but the luxury of material itself. 4, pay more attention to quality than fashion luxury is not only a style of Italy, is the embodiment of the quality. Today, the consumer is to pursue high quality life. As a carrier of the life, Italian furniture, also pays attention to quality. On select material, mostly USES the pure natural green environmental protection material, wood, leather and so on according to the facts. They are mostly USES the pure natural green environmental protection material, wood and leather according to the facts. Gelling agent dosage is small, therefore, can avoid all the environmental protection problem, won't cause any harm to human body.
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