Italian furniture is in the domestic popularity? Look at the

A variety of furniture market to allow more furniture culture into China. No matter what kind of furniture, all need to meet the aesthetic needs of Chinese consumers. Italian furniture with its rich artistic color and humanized design and favored by consumers. Let's talk about Italian furniture is in the Chinese market. 1. The Italian furniture style and form of Italian furniture brings together the human history. China has always been a country with a history of the humanities. As a result, many consumers prefer furniture products with history and culture. Renaissance art beauty, combined with the traditional manufacturing technology and modern advanced technology, Italian furniture unique charm. Italy furniture factory is mainly divided into two schools: the north school pay more attention to the three-dimensional effect of log, pay more attention to the southern school of log Italian flavor and style. The size of the 2, Italian furniture consumption Italian furniture is a kind of high-end furniture style. In terms of high consumption level in our country at present, the Italian furniture prices are relatively high, some families with higher incomes are more likely to buy Italian furniture. According to statistics, Italian style furniture market in China has reached tens of billions of dollars, customer base is quite strong. I believe that more and more friends will understand the Italian culture, and the use of Italian furniture in the future. 3. Italian furniture consumption trends, a few years ago, Italian furniture is started from the core cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou and chongqing development gradually to the nationwide, the Italian furniture rapid growth in the Chinese market, and gradually dominated the whole industry in the end. In recent years, the development of Italian furniture is becoming more and more popular in China, the advantages and characteristics is becoming more and more obvious. Many people attach great importance to the Italian furniture. As a beacon of human art. When they see these furniture, seem to see a work of art.
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