Italian furniture market, is quite popular with the new middle class

Italian furniture is more outstanding is the combination of luxury and design. Have strong sense of art and design in appearance. Especially in light of luxury furniture made of precious raw materials of high conservation values. It can bring to customers with high quality and sensory experience. Due to the Italian furniture is a lot of advantage, the new middle class began to choose Italian furniture. In the next few years, light luxury Italian furniture market will occupy the important position in the furniture industry. In the current high-end villa is decorated in, although a lot of people choose Italian furniture, but they, details about the quality of the Italian furniture even advantages know little or nothing. Next, Senbetter will be combined with many years of experience in high-end furniture industry in Italy, summarize the advantages of Italian furniture. High-grade villas furniture on the market at present mainly divided into two categories: one is American and European solid wood furniture; The second type of rise this year is the luxury Italian furniture. According to the current consumption situation of middle class, new middle class, they are young, a new generation of young entrepreneurs, white-collar workers, executives, and so on. Light luxury Italian furniture, different from traditional furniture modelling design, in line with the new generation of middle-class aesthetic. Therefore, with the rise of emerging middle class consumption ability, the light of their favoured luxury Italian furniture industry seems to be able to meet the needs of the future market share. In addition to excellent quality, light luxury Italian furniture also has a high collection value. In particular, some use of precious raw materials of Italian furniture is more collection value. As long as a better understanding of domestic outfit industry knows that Italian furniture is the perfect expression of master grade and high-end identity, can give a person a kind of sense of security and trust. Environmental protection is a new middle class product issues of concern. Most of the Italian style furniture USES the pure natural green environmental protection raw materials, wood and high quality leather according to the facts. Therefore, is a small amount of glue. In the production and processing, using fewer auxiliary materials. As a result, the high-end Italian furniture will have longer service life. Under normal circumstances, the use of Italian furniture is 30 years there will be no problem. When it comes to high-end furniture, you first think of the durable, healthy and environmental protection. Especially now, Italy high-grade furniture more and more get of consumer love, because of Italian style has its own unique features and quality, and good to satisfy the practical function and aesthetic needs of consumers.
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