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Italian furniture is synonymous with world-class high-end furniture, Buckingham Palace, the White House has the figure of Italian furniture, Italian furniture is in today's world has established unique noble status. The furniture of Italian style, convey the height of the master to quality and taste. Italian furniture is in addition to fashion design and the craft handed down from ancient times, and the expensive material selection. Pay attention to mahogany, chrysanthemum pear and Chinese style furniture, in order to ensure that furniture is made of durable, noble, beautiful and easy, Italian artisans in furniture material on select material as much as possible. 1. Cherry wood since the 17th century, cherry has been Europe carpenters and decoration workers favorite material. English proverb called 'eye'. Cherry wood is a kind of advanced red brown wood, material, texture straight rules, exquisite, surface gloss is also very good. When decorate can appear red of warm color, luster on the surface of the wood and create a noble and elegant, very feeling. Cherry is very popular, so everyday high-end furniture production. 2. Is a high-quality walnut walnut wood, hard but toughness enough, can absorb a certain amount of bending. So the walnut has good dimensional stability, not easy deformation, is a fine type of wood for making furniture. Walnut modelling effect is good, not only be used to make furniture and saturated surface gloss, color is rich, expensive gas. And purple black walnut is a shallow brown belt, tangential section is pretty big parabola pattern, it looks very beautiful. 3. Mahogany mahogany and walnut equally hard, but very agile, can at the same time to achieve the effect of compactness and agile stability. Very suitable for fine carved decoration. Compared with the heavy mahogany material, mahogany are more likely to produce a curvy furniture decoration, the color of the wood is more gentle and graceful. Mahogany has long been a manufacturing high-grade furniture of high quality raw materials, is also one of the world's precious wood. 4. Black willow willow is hard wear-resisting, good water resistance, easy processing, tenacity is big, and have similar black walnut beautiful texture, cost is lower than black walnut, therefore is widely loved by furniture manufacturers. But not easy to deformation, corrosion resistance, therefore more suitable for production of fine wood products. 5. Oak oak is thick and hard and heavy. There are more distinct the wooden texture, sapwood soft, according to the need to be processed into all kinds of bending. Oak growth cycle is very long, can be cut down in about 30 years, the real wood need 60 & # 8211; Around the year 100. If it is completely real wood of oak furniture, the price is still not bad. 6. Beech wood beech wood is more common wood, less flexibility, high hardness, high resistance to wear, is also very strong bearing capacity. It is durable, not underwater corrosion. It is suitable for floor and furniture manufacturing. It has a very good brightness after paint. Growth cycle is very slow, but relatively cheap compared with precious wood. The so-called good steel is used on the blade, fine wood after Italian craftsman grinding process, to lead the global fashion design modelling. So the Italian furniture is also temperament outstanding representative. Senbetter Italian furniture, the use of precious wood, Senbetter adopt the world's leading high-end paint technology, environmental protection, elegant, is ever new. , modern design and fluent line, and 26 specular paint technology, the quality of its products have enduring created Senbetter brand characteristics of inheritance, let people enjoy its unique charm.
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