Italian furniture momentum, caught the attention of the younger generation

by:Senbetter     2021-06-16
Italian furniture always exist in low-key posture in China market, but in the past two years, with the rise of 80, 90, Italian furniture is in China's market status can not be replaced gradually, presents the explosive. Italian furniture simple and pure pursuit of material. Italian furniture general high-grade timber. From a technical point of view, Italian furniture pursuit is the simple sense of lumber itself and color, the pattern is not too much. Look from product design, Italian furniture design follow the principle of natural smooth, often use the curve to express the elegant and artistic of wood products, often use geometric design elements to express the love of a good life. In Italy, 'home' concepts are more important than in other countries, the atmosphere of 'home' is also study more deeply than other countries. Therefore, Italy's residential, interior, furniture and furnishings and household products design is full of the milk of human kindness. Residential and indoor furniture strong comfortable, pay attention to the design of the product. Passed down generation after generation of craft technology and high aesthetic level, the designers, artisans and furniture company. They attaches great importance to the overall effect and local details, thus forming a global epidemic of design style. In terms of room combination, Italian furniture is more relaxed. They advocate a kind of delicate, simple and relaxed humanistic care, pay attention to the expressive force of furniture itself, as well as various product release by the artistic aesthetic feeling. The warm light and elegant wooden lubricious furniture complement each other, convey the love and the art of life. Functional and comfort is the most basic requirements of Italian furniture, Italian furniture always convey simple, casual, organized, a variety of design concept, to release pressure on the family, the liberation of the pure land of the mind.
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