Italian furniture of choose and buy skills, let you choose the right furniture

In decorating a process, to buy the sofa for a lot of people is a big deal. But for the choose and buy of sofa skills have a lot of people are not clear. For how to choose and buy to reliable quality, style, design fashion sofa is a lot of people upset. Small make up to you to recommend today Italian furniture style sofa, fashionable atmosphere not only, but also durable. Let's take a look at meaning type sofa of choose and buy skills. 1, choose brand. Italian brand sofa very much, but can't choose miscellaneous brands, and should choose a big brand, as a kind of high-end Italian furniture style furniture, requires considerable experience of the strength of the brand can grasp well type furniture design style, have complex work conditions meet the meaning type furniture at the same time. Therefore, should choose a big brand. Yong state meaning type furniture, is a subsidiary of yong bang furniture of Italian furniture brand. Zhongshan yong bang furniture co. , LTD. Is a set design, production, sales for the integration of political furniture production enterprises, specializing in the production of hotel furniture and American civil furniture. The company was founded in 1995, the existing staff more than 1000 people, production workshop of 220000 square meters, modern logistics warehouse store capacity of 80000 cubic meters, annual output value hundreds of millions of dollars. 2, the color of the sofa must match the color of the sitting room. Otherwise it will give people a feeling of not harmonious. This aspect can seek advice of sales staff members. In simple terms, a space should not more than three primary color. 3, meaning type sofa is mainly consider the material of leather. You might also consider a cloth art sofa, of course. Should pay attention to some here leather is divided into many types, such as natural leather, artificial leather, the super fine leather, regeneration of leather, all must be consulted. Yong state meaning type sofa, use the head layer cowhide, use rise more soft and comfortable, durable. 4, is now one of the decoration concept of environmental protection, not only in decorating a process to choose environmental protection material, also want to consider when choosing a sofa environmental problems, this can be environmental protection level of consulting sales materials.
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