Italian furniture selection - — Want to how to choose the real suitable for sofa?

Sofa is both functional and decorative of all the furniture, the occupied area is large, use frequency is high, so a lot of people when buying furniture, the first thing to do is to buy a sofa. When selected will also be very careful. Since the Italian furniture into people's horizons, meaning type sofa became many people's mind is good. Today, yong bang small make up to introduce for you, how to choose the suitable meaning type sofa. First of all, we have to think how will use sofa: it is mainly used to relax, read or watch TV, or occasionally used in formal occasions daily activities? Second, we want to make sure who will be using it? Want to choose sofa, note any special consideration. Tall man can't sit short sofa, while the body is not convenient to take short sofa. If it is used to loosen body and mind, with the pillow. According to the use and the scene to make assumptions, you will have the function of the sofa is a system of comb. Is the selection of fabrics, if sofa utilization rate is not high and need higher decorative function, can choose to use silk fabrics. If the micro fiber is the most widely used, looks very attractive, and easy to clean. If you're looking for a durable fabric, leather is a good choice. Now you can have a lot of color and texture, not just limited to the brown and black. Finally, we see the color and pattern, according to the environment of the decoration, we can choose the color with the environment photograph collocation of color is, remember that if the space is very saturated color, sofa can choose the color of pure color, if the space is clean, so long to choose one or two pieces of warm color attune to mediate. Choice of Italian furniture sofa is introduced here, in general, to choose the sofa of a fully qualified return true not easy, it is recommended that you choose, yong state meaning type furniture can meet your all illusions of household.
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