Italian furniture, wash the style of life lead China to you

Italian furniture minimalist style in furniture design is a kind of the embodiment of the wisdom, is the excessive magnificence washed after the return of the style of high quality life. Fast pace of life in modern cities and intense work pressure to modern people like simple, quiet life, this also makes the furniture of minimalist style prevalent in the contemporary. The household environment of modern people to pursue easily, easily household environment can relieve stress. Minimalist style of furniture is to use the most concise modelling of aesthetic and functional requirements of furniture. Minimalist pursues 'return to nature, release pressure, reduction and comfortable, delicate life' concept, let the customer return from complex kind of business in society to simple, comfortable, natural and humane living space. Minimalism in simple acme for pursuit, reduce a lot of unnecessary elements, remains the core part, the focus is on function rather than form. Clean without the appearance of the clutter of texture is very relaxed and natural. Simple combination of pursuit of optimization, the appearance of the popular links to every piece of furniture, pay attention to the psychological needs of modern people to the pursuit of fashion and personality makes every piece of Italian furniture has more forms, widen the choice scope of the public, chic experience to the people. Series Senbetter meaning type furniture modelling in the rectangle as the basic framework, sedate luxury, contracted anacreontic, thick and easy, exudes a unique charm men. Forward-thinking, whimsical design concept, to cater to the parvenu gens aesthetic taste. Experienced a multicultural collision, and eventually he throbs a pick, enviable life aesthetics.
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