Italian history, feel Italian furniture culture ( Below)

Italian furniture history: In the 18th century] In the 18th century Europe there is a watershed in the history of furniture, namely the throne of Louis xv and Louis xvi. Before this, Italy is the European furniture industry leader, after that, however, the rapid development of French furniture design, Italy in the industry's leading position also gradually moved. Different from the previous straight architectural elements, some rhythmic lines began to appear on the furniture. Furniture is no longer so founder, but in the arc, the most representative is 'belly' appear on the legs. Designers began to draw inspiration from the ancient city ruins. At that time, the ancient Greek and Roman architectural elements respected, neoclassical become mainstream. The family decorates a style becomes simple. Italian furniture history: In the 19th century] In the early 19th century, napoleon overthrew the governor government, crowned emperor of the French. After taking office, he and his wife visited the furniture and woodworking shop, and ordered furniture for their homes, which contributed to the birth of the imperial style. Imperial furniture's main characteristic is its rich flavor of luxury, noble spirit. S: Italian furniture development at this stage of the second world war, Italian furniture has rejected the tedious design, to the principle of practical aesthetics. Sergio ponti is the main sponsor of this reform movement. His design, not only furniture, architecture, lamps and lanterns, metal and glass are influenced by him. A large number of young designers affected, thus meaning type furniture style from now on to another area. Develop into today's style. The development of a furniture style, after one thousand years of evolution, only appears in the face of such today in front of our eyes. Like yong state meaning type furniture, yong bang paint technology in the world, leading high-end furniture industry environmental protection, elegant, is ever new. , modern design and fluent line, and 26 specular paint technology, the quality of its products have enduring created yong state can brand characteristics of inheritance, let people enjoy its unique charm, yong bang is the pursuit of solemn, emphasize rational harmony and peace, and the pursuit of romantic adornment sex, in the pursuit of rational and at the same time give a person with infinite daydream, the overall design sense of drama and passion, is the symbol of a noble life.
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