Italian history, feel Italian furniture culture ( On)

Italian furniture is in the position in the world furniture industry has been very high, because it is not only the traditional classic style, and because the Italian furniture manufacturers to every piece of furniture as a work of art. In addition, the famous Italian furniture has become a mainstream or because they have a long history, so below small make up to introduce Italian furniture at various stages of development history, see what's different. Italian furniture history: In the 16th century] In the 16th century, from the Italian Renaissance spread to Europe. The essence of the furniture design from religion to court. Architectural elements are widely used, sculpture, Mosaic, painting has become a common form of adornment gimmick, the overall design simple elegance. Material, walnut has become the most popular wood, furniture gives a person a kind of massiness feeling. This period of luxury furniture are usually only belongs to the noble, the quality of the furniture directly reflects the status of the owner, wealth and taste. Italian furniture history: In the 17th century] In the 17th century, the new bourgeoisie in the field of social and economic dominance, advocating aesthetic tendency of hedonism and luxury design style. Details of baroque exaggerated modelling and clear became popular in the whole of Europe. Furniture still is bigger, at this time in terms of technology, sculpture is more used in furniture decoration. Surrounded by complex carving technology began to furniture, stone was another decoration technology. Legend of the 17th century Florence gather a group of people often go to Arnold river beautiful stone to decorate furniture. See here, you are very strange, why the time of Italian furniture style and modern Italian furniture style has so big difference? Reason is that in the history of Italian furniture in the next, also some earth-shaking changes have taken place, only derived into today's appearance. Let us then to look down.
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